i’m deluding myself


I thought I prepped enough (meals, etc…) on Sunday that I’d have dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.

Well, let’s just say I wasn’t finished with the dishes until 10:15.


First of all, what was I thinking that I could roast a chicken, whip up a corn pudding AND a wild rice dish all in one night?

Must I give up my love of cooking while I go to school to LEARN ABOUT FOOD?

In my defense, today was out of the ordinary; I had to stop at the mall on the way home to pick up our drapery rods (and a Starbucks!), and then I laid down and iced my neck for a little bit once I arrived home (I did something to it this morning at bootcamp class, which should tell you something), so I didn’t get dinner going until almost 6:30.  And it isn’t like roasting a chicken can be rushed…

Andrew helped by loading the dishwasher before hanging our curtain rod and drapes in the dining room while I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen, whipped up some blueberry muffins (SO TIRED of packaged breakfast items!) and boiled some lentils in preparation for dinner tomorrow night.

And then it was 10:15.

I promptly laid on the couch to finish watching The Voice (great show! Blake Shelton–I love you!) and ate a Skinny Cow fudge bar before heading upstairs to (finally) begin my schoolwork.

And now it’s 11:26 and I haven’t packed my swim bag yet, nor have I finished all the schoolwork I wanted to before bedtime.  My alarm goes off at 5:15.

Definitely HAVE NOT hit my groove yet…

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