and more brown

I picked up two more paint samples this afternoon at Lowes’s. Both Andrew and I thought the first ones were kinda ashy and more gray than we wanted.

Now, I have another problem! I like them both, and (of course) Andrew and I prefer different ones.


The new ones are the four patches below the original four. I painted the two new ones below the first ones, then decided to paint a bit near the floor, too.

I like the tan one as a color, but don’t like it with the floor, or the red couch, really. I prefer the lighter tan/gray color with the floor and couch, but don’t love that it appears close in color to the gray family room just through the hall on the left.

All in all, I think the tan is too yellow, and the other is exactly what I said I wanted–a color exactly in between the first and second original samples. I just don’t know if I love it, or if I can convince Andrew it’s the one to do…

Help! Six samples is already too many!

2 thoughts on “and more brown

  1. I think I still like my pick from the original four you had selected , top row , second from the right. It seems to have a lil more brown in it but not too dark. Picking colors always causes one to pause and pause…..

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