brown…or brown?

I got four paint samples from Lowe’s for what I’ve been calling our “L-shaped room” downstairs.

I don’t normally get samples; I typically am confident enough in my decision about the paint color that I don’t think I need to sample it.  However, this is a pretty big room and I’m not painting twice!

The room will have one of our red couches and a leather chair and light brownish drapes, but that’s all I know for sure.  I know I want to keep the room neutral and get away from the red/teal/black theme I had going on in Ohio.

So, I wanted to go with a really neutral and somewhat light shade of brown on the walls.

The first one is way more gray than I’d thought it would be, so it’s out.  The fourth one is too dark, so it’s out.  The two in the middle I could live with, but I was really looking more something just a bit lighter.

Here are the colors on a different wall that gets less light:

I think I’m going to have to go back to get another sample or two…

And Andrew’s chair is on its way, so I might just wait until it arrives and I can see it in the room before I pick the color.  It’s not like there aren’t other things for me to be doing around here!

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