carolyn’s bachelorette

Last night was Carolyn’s bachelorette.  I’ll be honest–it was anti-climactic in the best way.  We started off strong, but what else do you expect from a group of girls who don’t really “party?”  We had a great time getting dressed up, laughing and enjoying one another’s company, and got a whole lot of downtown walking in, too!

Also, I wasn’t the official picture-taker, so here are just a few highlights:

We began at The Chocolate Bar–a favorite of Carolyn’s–where we got drinks and dinner.

Jill has a two-year-old and doesn’t get out much–can you tell she’s a bit excited??

I had just been to the salon in the morning for my pre-wedding cut and highlights, and Megan (Abigail’s good friend and longtime Layer-stylist) curled my hair for me–what a treat!

Speaking of treats…  I had my first chocolate martini, and it definitely won’t be my last.  Hello, chocolatey deliciousness in a glass!  I started with the coconut macaroon–and of course we all tried sips of each others’–and I’m proud to say that two other coconut macaroons were ordered for the second round since mine was so good!  I opted for the black forest–a mix of chocolate and cherry flavors–as my second.  Here’s to trying new things all around!

Almost three hours later, we wrapped up at what I’ll now call ‘chocolate heaven’ and walked in the direction of the Snooty Fox, a local lounge.  However, upon arriving, it looked even a little too ‘snooty’ for us, so we kept walking.

Our second stop was Cozumel, where we sat outside and chatted while sipping drinks–water for me (I was planning on running in the morning and am trying to drop a pesky few pounds before Carolyn’s big day)–until we reached the bottom of our glasses.  We headed out again…

…and ended up near Allen Street where Susan assisted a local musician on the banjo!

We said hello to Andrew, who was meeting a friend downtown to kill time before he was to drive us home, and then walked off to Laughlin’s, a restaurant/bar I’d been to and liked.

On the way, we performed a three-way shoe-switch.  Carolyn’s feet were no longer agreeing with her footwear, so she, Abigail and Jill all switched shoes.  Martyr status goes to Abigail, who willingly took her sister’s heels.

We made it to Laughlin’s where I recognized the friendly bartender from last time Andrew and I were there.  I introduced Carolyn to my college drink of choice, the Midori Sour, and again, I stuck with water.  There were some Lemon Drops and a 7-and-7, of which I took a sip and loved.  Thank you, Susan, for introducing me to that one!

We’d also picked up a pet rock, who we affectionately called “Allen,” along the way.  Carolyn’s camera contains his antics, unfortunately.

Carolyn wore the sash Abigail got her for her shower…







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