practice makes perfect

Ha!  If only marriage were that simple…  Heck! If only LIFE were that simple!

But, back to our regularly scheduled programming: Carolyn’s wedding!  TODAY!

Last night was the rehearsal and dinner (immediately following our marathon 3-and-a-half-hour-long closing).

Look!  The bridesmaids coordinated:  the three of us on the end in black and white prints, the maid of honor in solid coral and Carolyn wore solid blue!  (actually, we didn’t, but I thought it was kinda neat)

The groomsmen:

Mom and Dad Layer and grandma:

The happy couple practicing their departure:

I’m super excited for the wedding–Carolyn picked GREAT music both both our entrance and after their pronouncement, which I thought was neat.  I think it’s an instrumental version of U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” for us and they exit to a really upbeat song, too.

We went to Pegasus, a local Greek place, for the rehearsal dinner:

Big day ahead–gotta get my run in before my hair/nails/makeup appointments!


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