a list

1.  I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’m sorry.  I hate that I’m not.  I’m not even THAT crazy-busy (busy, but not CRAZY-busy), so I’m not even sure why.

2.  We’re having a bit of a heat wave here.  I’m going to be up-front and say I’m not thrilled.  First, I was expecting massive amounts of snow and a long winter, which we didn’t get.  Now, it’s basically feels like summer…  What gives?  We all know this 80-degree weather is going to disappear in favor of 60-degrees and rainy…just hurry up already!

3.  I got an 83 on my Micro TAKE-HOME test.  an 83! On a TAKE-HOME test!  “Impossible” and “unfair” aren’t strong enough words…

4.  I rocked that last two days in Chemistry.  “Rocked” = I managed to answer (aloud) more than one question correctly = the teacher thinks I know what I’m doing.

5.  Yesterday was like Christmas!  I got my order from SwimOutlet.com, which contained a pull buoy, paddles, fins, more swim caps and a mesh bag in which to carry it all; as well as my Amazon order that contained the Made to Crave book, devotional and DVD/workbook.  Emily and I are going to do a long-distance Bible study together!

6.  Did I tell you I got accepted into the Dietetics program at Buffalo State?  Well, I did.  Not that it was really up in the air…  I’m a transfer student with a 4.0; were they not going to let me in??  Now comes the fun part–figuring out how to register for my online summer class and fall classes!

7.  I haven’t cooked all week, which makes me sad.  Despite our heat wave, I’m making French Onion soup tonight.

8.  Andrew and I just finished the first season of Big Bang Theory.  Hilarious!

9.  Pioneer Woman’s newest cookbook arrived the other day.  In it, she includes recipes for Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream and Dorothy Lane’s Outrageous Brownies.  (Apparently she has some sort of friend or something from Cincinnati who has introduced her to some of Ohio’s more redeeming qualities.)  It also has the lemon-blueberry pancakes I’m been dying to make.  I’m in HEAVEN.

10.  It’s already THURSDAY.  On the one hand, this is awesome, because it means the weekend is just 1.5 days away (weekends start at noon on Friday for me).  On the other hand, time is flying!  Can you believe it’s almost APRIL???

One thought on “a list

  1. Hi Holly
    Congrats on school. I am so delighted for you. Gal you are one very special granddaughter. Not working at Carmel Library, I did not know The Pioneer Woman had a new cook book . I will put it on hold and wait my turn

    Love to you Andrew and our gentel giant of a dog
    Lov Grandma

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