in case you were wondering, i’m still alive…

…but just barely!

It’s been a BUSY couple of days, and I still don’t really feel like I have my head above water yet.  Here’s the run-down (but no pics of the house yet, sorry):

1.  Move-in day went well; I insisted we do an inventory while they unloaded the truck and I’m glad we did.  We definitely got all our stuff and it was all in really good shape; I was SHOCKED.

2.  I have schoolwork coming out my ears; I took a test Thursday night and Friday afternoon, both of which went well and I believe I did quite well.  That chemistry quiz I was dreading Saturday morning?  Definitely got a 76%…boo!  But, the guy who sits behind me got a 64%, which made me feel (a bit) better.  At least the lowest two quiz grades get dropped…

3. Today is my “day off,” except that it’s almost 4 p.m. and I haven’t done any schoolwork yet.  How does this happen?

4.  I ran outside for the first time today at our new place.  I didn’t map a route beforehand, so I just kinda ran all over.  I hate doing that.  I like having a plan (ain’t that the truth?!).

5.  I also cooked for the first time since arriving at our new place: fried rice, made with brown rice!  Andrew came home with lunch and I made it to pair with our leftover Chinese.

6.  All this eating out (hello, the ENTIRE time since we arrived in NY back in June) has NOT been good for me.  I’ve (sadly) gained a few pounds back in the recent month or so–thankfully nothing too major–but I need to get back on the bandwagon, and STAT!

7.  Hadrian slept on his bed in the living room last night for the first time ever.  (He normally sleeps on his bed in our room.) Weird…

8.  The cats are settling in alright…  I’m really trying to crack-down on Hadrian’s barking/trying to play with them, and they don’t seem too shaken up.  The biggest challenge is how to feed them without Hadrian getting at the food.  So far I’m experimenting with feeding them twice a day (like you would a dog), and doing it when I leave in the morning (Hadrian is in his crate) or locking them in the bathroom in the afternoons or something.  They were pretty hungry by this afternoon…

9.  I ran errands in East Aurora today, so I asked a friend for coffee who I hadn’t seen in awhile.  We went to Taste, and I could not resist this:  black forest cake and a cherry italian soda.  Hence the weight re-gain…

10.  I’m hoping to get back into a more regular “routine” soon–both for blogging and working out and doing schoolwork.  And eating better.  My sweet tooth is out of control!  The house is somewhat “unpacked,” so once we get things a bit more organized, I’ll get some photos up and hopefully will be back on here more regularly.

Have a great day!

One thought on “in case you were wondering, i’m still alive…

  1. We have used a water pistol-high powered to train our Weimaraners to not bark at the cats and it works. It worked on Cali and it really worked for Keelah…she hides under the dining table if she see one of us even pick it up! LOL Sorry about the Chem test, it too will get better once you have settled in. That is if it is that important to make top grades in the class for your selfesteem or your field. If it is more of a have to do…you may just slide through! LOL

    Aunt Mary

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