a (quick!) list

1.  I wanted to go to the gym.  I haven’t worked out since Wednesday (unless you count packing, loading and unloading a car a million times).

2.  Some people use a workout to de-stress.  Sometimes I do, too.  Unfortunately, the biggest cause of my stress is my looming Chemistry quiz.

3.  While I’d love to hit the gym and study my chem notes on the elliptical (yay for killing two birds with one stone!), the actual trip/time involved at the gym would stress me out MORE.  So, I’m about to take my Chemistry quiz (relatively) unprepared to get it over with.

4.  I made my first cup of coffee in the house this morning.  It was somewhat anticlimactic; the only Keurig pods we have are a coffee variety I’m not a huge fan of and I haven’t found the mugs I wanted to use yet.  But nothing beats staying in one’s pj’s!

5.  Hadrian is sleeping on his bed next to me and his tummy is making the LOUDEST noises.

6.  We got A LOT of the kitchen done last night, but there is still more to go.  I ended up unpacking our white dishes and some of my oldest green ones, but left all my “favorites” (some colorful Goodwill finds and all my fun mugs) packed away.  I think I’m one of those “delay gratification” people…  I’d rather get by with the minimum/boring stuff and have something to look forward to when we find our “real” house.  Note:  We haven’t found A SINGLE THING broken (ok, I did find one decorative plate broken, but it was one I packed in a Rubbermaid bin that they didn’t repack and it’s so not a big deal)!  Go Moog for hiring awesome movers!

7.  That, and I intend to get rid of some of the “boring” stuff (hello white baking dishes we got for our wedding that I barely use because I have a gazillion other ones…) before the next move.

8.  I made room for the most important stuff (bakeware) and have set up shelving in the basement with all my appliances, but have almost NO. ROOM. FOR. ACTUAL. FOOD.  Seriously.  And I didn’t realize how much food (just to clarify, when I say “food,” I don’t mean boxes of mac n’ cheese and cans and the like.  I mean all my Tupperware Modular Mates with different grains and flours and granolas and cereals….) I USED TO KEEP in my pantry in Ohio.  I mean, I used to have three kinds of oatmeal alone!  I emptied out what I could before we moved, cleaned the containers and had the movers pack them up.  Now, I have THREE giant boxes of empty Tupperware, and I don’t even have room for what little Tupperware I brought to the hotel!  Ack!  What is a girl to do?

9.  My first thought was to set up shelving in the basement and put all my Tupperware things there.  And then I realized I’d have to walk down to the basement and truck all the ingredients for EVERY meal up EVERY time.  Not practical.  Next plan?

10.  This list was not short or quick.  The sun is up.  I got sucked into blogging and haven’t started the dreaded Chemistry quiz.  Story of my life.

Wish me luck!  I’m hoping to reward myself with a mid-morning run/trip to the gym and a Target-date (um, we need EVERYTHING) with the hubby 🙂


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