more than live-able, but not quite ‘home’

At last, a ‘real’ post!  I love that I’ve been able to post quick things from my iPhone, but nothing beats a good ‘ole picture-filled narrative!

I don’t quite feel like I’ve gotten my head above water yet (Andrew is gone this weekend and I had high hopes for being a crazy-productive person in all sorts of ways, yet I never get as much done as I want to…); I’m in the middle of a bunch of random things:

-finishing up an article for the Advertiser


-need to start Chemistry homework

-baking bread

-“feeding” my sourdough starter I got from King Arthur Flour on Friday

-making meatballs to freeze

-Bible Study

-dishes BY HAND (our dishwasher is less-than-satisfactory)


-giving myself a mani/pedi (I am in DESPERATE need)

-and the MYRIAD unreturned phone calls, emails and letters I need to address….

So, until tonight after I’ve made a bit more progress on the above, I’ll probably feel a bit discombobulated.  That word is so fitting.  (Before anyone can say it, yes, I know I bring a lot of these ‘tasks’ on myself.  I can’t help it…)

Did I mention I totally forgot today was the time change?  Good thing my uber-smart alarm clock changed automatically…

Anyway, here is the much-anticipated (or not, depending upon how you feel about it…) photo montage of the new place.  Disclaimer:  It isn’t clean.  It isn’t organized.  I basically snapped a bunch of photos this morning once the sun started coming up.

We’re pretty much unpacked, at least the things we’ll need for the near term.  This move was certainly a challenge; we knew going into it that our stuff would be in storage, which means bringing A LOT with us, and then now going into a rental, we’re faced with moving twice.  So, we’ve basically unpacked and re-packed A LOT.

Dining Room:

-took the three shelves from the office and combined them to form a larger one with the corner units on each side to hold linens, salt and pepper shakers and knick-knacky things


-As I said, I’m in the middle of a bunch of baking projects, so it’s a bit messy

-I don’t have a lot of counter space; that’s been the biggest challenge

-But, I got my white cabinets!  Ha!

The “paneled” room:

-This room is off the kitchen and we’re putting the computer and the printer (once we find it) there

-Our bigger red couch didn’t fit through either door into the living room, so it’s living here for now

-On the left is a sliding door out to a screened-in patio and I also have a small bookcase with my food items, since the kitchen is only big enough for my “stuff”

“Pepto-Bismol Pink Pet” room:

-This room hold’s Hadrian’s crate, the kitty stuff and Andrew’s closet.  Hi Odie!

Guest room:

-Coincidentally, it’s painted almost the same color as in our house in Ohio, so everything looks very nice

-I stayed up until 12:30 unpacking and making the bed in there; it’s almost finished and ready for Emily and Dan, who are visiting in TWO WEEKS!

-I’m also going to set up a desk in there for quiet studying (I do my homework in the dining room) and keep my craft and mailing supplies in the closet

Our bedroom:

-It’s only slightly less pink, and I had plans (and all the supplies!) to paint, but I’ll be honest–my enthusiasm is waning.  IF it gets done, it won’t be until Christmas break, at the earliest.

-There is only room for one nightstand (so I get it) and it makes sense, since I’m the last one in bed and definitely the first one out every morning (hello 5 a.m. school mornings!)

Moving on to the basement–you’ll see why Andrew and I were thrilled with it.  It’s giant and warm and dry, which is important since it holds all our stuff!

My kitchen “goodies:”

-I set up some chrome shelving in the basement near the stairs to hold my appliances.  I placed the most-used ones near the top since I can grab them without going all the way to the bottom…I’m so smart 🙂

-Don’t you just love my colorful Le Creuset shelf??  I do…

Laundry area:

-I have a line (sweet!) to hang my running stuff and plenty of shelves

-I’ll be honest; between my washer and dryer at home and the HE ones at the hotel (however grody they were), I’ve gotten spoiled by the front load/HE washers and dryers.  These, while relatively new, just are not as good.  Seriously people, HE really is a HUGE difference

These are all the re-packed boxes–basically we opened them, took stuff out and re-packed and labelled what we didn’t need or want out right now.  All my fun dishes are in there, and lots of decoration items.

A giant pile of paper…

Empty boxes….

And our rubbermaid tub collection!  Most are “memories,” like boxes of yearbooks, trophies–you know, the things you can’t really part with, but what the heck do you do with them things, and other stuff, like camping and canning equipment, as well as Christmas decorations and miscellaneous furniture.

It’s a work in progress; I feel like the basement could be better organized and the upstairs still doesn’t feel very ‘homey,’ whether it’s decorated or not.  Maybe once Andrew actually unpacked his clothes it will…

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