whew! glad that’s over…

…at least the worst of it!  What a difference a day makes!

Who WAS that strange person who hacked into my WordPress account, masquerading as me?  I didn’t even recognize her…

A HUGE thank you to all of you who were here yesterday and left sweet comments.  They truly warmed my heart and confirmed two things: 1.) my topic really wasn’t COMPLETELY horrible and inappropriate, despite Andrew’s thoughts to the contrary, and 2.) I have wonderful friends and family.  (But I already knew that!)

Yes, Andrew was pretty horrified, but there was just no way around it yesterday.  It was a doozy!  I do, however, promise not to make blogging about such things a habit.  (Insert collective sigh of relief here)

Before I get too far, I’ve been meaning to announce my first “Eat This” post for the East Aurora Co-op.  It’s kind of a grocery-store ‘how-to’ and you can read about it here.  If you’re terribly interested in seeing all of my food posts for them (I plan on doing them about once a week), you can subscribe to their blog as well.  (I don’t necessarily think that any of you are, but just in case.)  Next up: figs!  I had them with blue cheese and honey yesterday for lunch, came up with a salad recipe for the post and am having them on my overnight oats this morning!

Again, thank you for reading, for your comments, and especially for your prayers.  This is a very trying time for us (being in a hotel, full of uncertainty and having to make a decision on a house, on top of me jumping into school), but also full of blessings.  We have found a fantastic church, made some friends and I’m starting a Beth Moore Bible study this week with some women from the new church, so I’m excited for that.  We have seen God work and He has truly blessed us in so many ways during this move, despite some of the less-comfortable “growing experiences” He’s allowing us to go through as well.

Please please PLEASE pray!  The next five days or so will certainly be challenging for us as we try to make the best decision on a house.  Specifically, please just pray that Andrew and I would be sensitive to God’s leading in terms of housing and that He would make it CLEAR and give us peace about the right decision.  That may be a new house, one we’ve already seen or even the apartment option.

Thank you so much 🙂  We have felt your kind thoughts and prayers and are anxious to be able to announce our next step of the move!

One thought on “whew! glad that’s over…

  1. A blog by definition is for writing your thoughts and sharing them with any interested party…tell Andrew to lighten up, all writers have days like you did yesterday and there was nothing wrong with sharing. Writers have to develope thick skin…as do their spouses! LOL We really pray this house jumps out and yells ‘buy me-you love me!’

    Aunt Mary

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