all over the place

It’s that kind of day for me today.  Say a prayer for me today!

First off, OIAJ!

Been waiting to make OIAJ in this one for awhile, and then I went and scraped out the bottom for yesterday’s sandwich before I realized I should have kept a little in there!  Darn it.  It was still yummy anyway.  Oats, half a banana, flax, milk, coconut and maple syrup.

Disclaimer: If you are reading this and you are MALE, proceed with caution.  MUCH caution.

1.  I’m not sure anyone blogs about their periods, or even if it’s kosher, but by gosh I’m going to do it anyway.  I have been so stressed out this past month that my cycle started TWO WEEKS late.  TWO WEEKS.  That has never happened to this “regular-to-the-day-and-almost-hour” girl.  That is some kind of stress, not to mention the additional stress brought on by not getting your period when you think you’re supposed to.  Two negative pregnancy tests later…

2.  It started.  FINALLY.  Guess that explains my ice cream binge in the kitchenette yesterday, as well as the violent mood swings I’m experiencing.  And the “I-can’t-get-off-the-couch” depression this morning.  And the 30-minute “I can’t find anything to wear” fit I had before going out to dinner the other night.  But these are all (relatively) normal for me…  Between the hormonal roller coaster and Midol’s pain- and mood-enhancing chemicals, I can’t tell which way is up.

3.  Not to mention the fact that Andrew and I are both stressed beyond belief about our housing situation.  Yet another thing I can’t even think straight about anymore.  Yes, we’ve probably been too picky.  But what else are we supposed to do?  It’s a HOUSE.

4.  Didn’t someone say you should never make big financial decisions during times of grief (usually in the case of a death in the family/inheritance, etc…)?  It should probably include women’s menstrual cycles, too.

5.  I’ve failed miserably at making good eating decisions.  Basically, for the month since meeting my weight-loss goal, I’ve been hovering a good 3-5 pounds above it…  Most of that, I think, is because my body has been trying to have a cycle for that long, too, so I’ve been experiencing all the period side-effects with no period.  However, I’m not happy with my lack of self-control.  I mean, why in the world would anyone keep eating after they are full?  Like UNCOMFORTABLY full…?  I blame the period.

6.  I have my first two tests in school Monday.  One in Biology and one in Anatomy and Physiology.  I’m not stressed by them at all, really.  Maybe I just have so much else going on that they seem like small potatoes.  Or maybe it’s because it’s only Thursday.

7.  I had intended to go to the gym today to lift and swim.  I couldn’t drag myself there if I tried.  Again, the period.  I did, however, take Hadrian on an hour-long walk.  It was nice, except for him wanting to chase squirrels.  It’s also freezing here, by the way.  Well, not freezing, but cold for September.  Made for a nice walk.  But I’m started to stress (great, more stress!) about us not getting any of our winter stuff from storage for at least another two months…

8.  Speaking of Hadrian.  We need a house, with a fence, and FAST.  My grades in school depend on in.  My sanity depends on it.  The sanity of those in the rooms around us depend on it.  Seriously, he’s either sleeping (which is a lot, I’ll admit) or pacing at the door.  Or shoving his face in my face.  Or barking whenever he hears people outside the door.  And don’t even get me started on housekeeping.  Every afternoon is a bark-fest when he can hear “housekeeping!” from down the hall…

9.  We’re seeing a house Saturday.  It’s new to the market and in the village and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  I’m trying desperately not to get my hopes up, but it’s hard.

10.  All these things, and more, have been swirling around in my head ALL MORNING.  I HAD to get them out before I could focus on anything else…like chemistry.

9 thoughts on “all over the place

  1. You are under an enormous amount of stress so all of the above is understandable. I pray the house you see Saturday will be ‘THE ONE! Wish you and Andrew could have been here for Labor Daay weekend, All the Ding siblings were here for a week. It was sad in many ways, and so much fun in many otherways! It least your Grandpa recognized all of his children that week (we were afraid he might not) so all went home happy.
    I pray you will go HOME from church,class, walking w/Hadrian, running, shopping or out to dinner SOON.

    Aunt Mary

  2. Awwww!! Hugs to you, Holly! And lots of prayers for you, too! Maybe your body just needs a break from “everything” (but don’t overdo it too much on the junk food! That’ll make you feel like crud for too long…but then, you know that already!). Sounds like long walks are the best thing for the situation…and the cooler temps just mean that your body has to work harder to warm up, which is good, right? 🙂 You’ve worked really hard for so long on your weight loss goals, just sounds like you need to give yourself a good chunk of time to just be gentle to yourself – your body, mind, and spirit! Love to ya, sister! ~Chris

    PS Praying that you have certainty when you look at this next house whether it’s the right fit or not!

    1. Thanks so much Chris! We miss you guys! Please do send prayers our way this weekend… I’ve been trying not to stress and just ask God to make it clear to us and neither of us have felt ANYTHING in any direction! Say hi to the boys for us 🙂

  3. stress can really screw with your hormones…. and then your hormones can really screw with you.. man do I know it! so I feel ya, lady. I can’t think of a single thing that helps. I suppose to the slightest degree, it might help to be aware of it. So there’s a point in your direction… at least if you know it’s your period you can attempt to use logic to get around it for some things.

    hope you can relieve some of that stress… it can really wreck havoc on your physical and mental health!

  4. So sorry about all your stress. You do have quite a bit going on right now.

    BTW, this is so totally weird, but I have never, ever made OIAJ before, but as I was cleaning the kitchen today after dinner, I found an (almost) empty jar of natural peanut butter. Well, I thought, “what the hey, I’ll make some OIAJ today.” And just after I put the jar in the fridge I thought, “I think I’ll check out the Frozen Pineapple and see what Holly is up to now.” And what do I find? OIAJ.

    1. So crazy about the OIAJ coincidence! I already whipped up a thing of overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow morning… I’m getting into fall and mixed in some pumpkin and will eat it with the last of my figs! Miss you!

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