something i learned today…

I’m amazed at how much I’ve heard about things like glucose and carbohydrates already, and I’m not even in nutrition classes yet!  I’m only two weeks into school and both my biology classes (one is a principles/cell genetics course and the other is human anatomy and physiology) are mentioning them all over the place!

Like, for instance, there are these things call “trisaccharides.”  You’ve heard of monosaccharides and disaccharides before; they’re the simple sugars in things like fruit and milk.  (Actually, it all starts with glucose, but I don’t feel like typing all my notes here…)  Well, humans don’t have the enzyme required to digest trisaccharides, unlike mono- and disaccharides, which we DO have the “matching” enzymes for.  What are trisaccharides, you ask?  Things like BEANS, BROCCOLI, CABBAGE…  THAT’S WHY YOU GET GAS!

HA!  Never really understood why that happens…

Oh, another thing I learned:  my next couple classes (Organic Chem, Statistics and Microbiology) are the hardest ones at ECC.  Great.  Just great.

4 thoughts on “something i learned today…

    1. haha! i don’t let them stop me! in fact, i had tons of broccoli and hummus yesterday for lunch at school and i thought the “effects” were minimal…. it was kind of funny, though, that i had those particular items for lunch on that particular day. the teacher did mention that using Beano helps, you just have to eat it PRIOR to eating the problematic foods, since it needs to be in your stomach already. i’ll have to experiment…

    1. HAHAHA! I actually just bought some Beano to run an “experiment” tomorrow over lunch. I have all sorts of “questionable” vegetables right now…bell peppers, greens, hummus, broccoli… I’ll let everyone know how it goes!

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