like a breath of fresh air

This is what we walked in to after almost eight hours in the car…

*Disclaimer:  It does not take eight hours to get from Dayton to Buffalo.  It does, however, when you have to make FOUR stops along the way (two coffee, two bathroom) and drop your dog off in Troy.  For anyone thinking of visiting us in NY, it only takes six, we promise!


AHHHHHHHHHH!  Just walking into the Wilhelms’ abode caused any stress and tension from the early morning and drive to melt away…

Yes, I got up at 4 a.m.  Yes, we were indeed out the door at 4:30.  Yes, I drove the ENTIRE way.  And finally, YES, Andrew slept 94 % of it.  It’s OK; I was excited for the trip and highly caffeinated.

After lunch we talked.

And talked.

And talked.

Dan talked too, he just isn’t as animated as Emily and I are.

Then we walked around their apartment complex to stretch our legs (much needed!) before both our hosts headed of to work.  Andrew and I will be off to another friends’ house for dinner soon!

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