saturday in pictures

The main reason we came back to Ohio this weekend was for Andrew to play in the second annual Parrothead Open, a golf tournament organized by one of our dear friends, Brett Atherton, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. 

We managed to fit some fun in, too.

We stayed with our friends Emily and Dan, and tried out Butter Cafe near the University of Dayton Campus.

It’s a quaint little cafe focused on local and organic food.  Emily and I shared the cinnamon sugar pancakes and Mexican omelette, while Andrew got the (surprise surprise) french toast.  Dan ordered their breakfast burrito.  I think we all loved the atmosphere and food, but it was a bit busy (it was Saturday morning, after all).  E & D are looking forward to going again when it isn’t so crazy.

After breakfast we headed to Cassel Hills golf course in Vandalia for the tournament.  Emily and I helped with registration and handed out goodies.

Emily sold 10-foot lengths of string to each team.  Players could use pieces of the string they bought to count as a final stroke to avoid going over par.

Once the tournament began, Emily and I were assigned the “random club” hole.  We manned hole #1 with a bag of gold balls labeled with different clubs.  Each player chose a ball from the bag and had to use the club written on the ball on that hole until they got to the green. 

We has lots of fun with the camera.  Isn’t Emily goofy?

All the guys were really good-natured about having to use a specific club; apparently the 3-iron was the best to draw, or the “club of your choice.” 

Andrew and his four-some.

After the tournament wrapped up (more than $13,000 was raised!), we headed to Rita’s for some much-needed custard and water ice. 

All we were missing was Jen!

Tired, dirty and pushing 9 p.m., we headed back to E & D’s apartment pool for some fun.  We turned into “those people” who arrive at the pool with music and proceed to be loud and obnoxious.  It was therapuetic.

We’ve left Dayton behind, for now, and are visiting Andrew’s grandparents in Carmel, IN.  We’ll be passing through again in a couple hours–Andrew will continue on to Orrville for a couple days of business, and I’ll stay a couple days with Susy before heading back to Buffalo Wednesday.

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