size 4’s!

OK, so the highlight of my night wasn’t dinner, although the wheat berry dish was really good.  Even Andrew liked it!  (Always a victory…)

The highlight was, you guessed it…fitting into SIZE 4 shorts at J.Crew!  Seriously, I never thought this would happen.  Before I get too far, I will admit that I don’t really think I’m a 4; J. Crew’s sizes run a bit big, but still.  They weren’t even tight!  So yeah, I’m pretty much on cloud 9.  Or 90.

No, I haven’t met my weight-loss goal yet, and I apologize to all my subscribers for the premature “congrats-to-me” post e-mail from late last night.  With the end of my weight-loss journey coming soon (I hope!  THREE pounds to go!), I have a draft of what I’d like to post that day going and I was working on it, and… accidentally hit the “publish” button instead of the “preview” button.  Oops.

Let’s back up.

Today was my pilates/yoga and kickboxing day, so I spent the morning at the gym, sweating.  I usually get back around 11 and then have a pretty substantial lunch after showering and getting ready.  I hate waiting that long to refuel after working out, so today I grabbed an apple and a cheese stick and headed out the door on a walk with Hadrian.

Having eaten something already, I felt great and proceeded to do laundry/iron/clean-up/prep dinner for the next two hours until I got hungry again.  This time it was sweet potato tortilla chips and guacamole–YUM!  I love guac…I could eat it every day!  Today I was craving another slice of Abigail’s leftover birthday cake, which was calling to me from our fridge.  Because I’d gone so light food-wise so far (after a great workout) I didn’t feel bad indulging in the chocolate mousse cake; it was glorious.

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t the most amazing thing ever, but I thought the wheat berry salad was fantastic.  I sauteed a sliced plum in some extra marinade from the chicken and white wine, then swirled some balsamic syrup on top.  They came out mushy and with a bit too much bite.  Oh well, there is always next time.

The chicken recipe I used was from my new Eastern Mediterranean cookbook.  It was marinaded in orange juice, orange zest, white wine vinegar and brown sugar.  Not bad, but not memorable either.  I browned both sides of the chicken breasts in a skillet, then roasted them in our toaster oven for about 25 minutes.  They came out very well cooked, so that was nice.

The star of the meal: Anna Pump’s wheat berry salad with pineapple, cucumber and mint.  Loved it!  It was incredibly fresh and light.  The only other wheat berry salad I’ve made before is Ina’s, and it’s more of a veggie and balsamic mix, so a totally different flavor than what we ate tonight.  I cut up a fresh pineapple for this (the only way to go here), and the salad also includes parsley, dried cranberries and scallions.  The only dressing is lemon juice and olive oil, and plenty of salt and pepper.

After dinner we headed out to the mall since it was kinda crummy and rainy out.  I had hoped to try on some shorts (since none of mine fit!) and Andrew loves perusing Williams-Sonoma and Banana Republic.  Before we left the mall we shared a vanilla milkshake at Johnny Rockets, which brought back memories for Andrew of going as a child with his grandma.  I was just proud we actually SHARED.  All too often, I intend to share/have a few bites of Andrew’s treat, and instead am seduced by something enormous that I see on the menu.  Victory tonight!  As I said, I really lucked out at J. Crew and I was also able to run a few errands while we were out, so I would call the night success.

Yay for smaller clothes!

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