at last, the beets are gone

More smoothies this morning!

A “sweet melon mint” for my sweetie, which was cantaloupe and (obviously) mint, with a bit of honey and some ice.  It was so random that I’d have both those ingredients on-hand at once (I HATE cantaloupe so I rarely buy it), so I just had to give it a try right now.

I took a slurp and thought it was pretty good, too.

Because all of our bananas are way past ripe (perfect for smoothie!), I had some sourdough toast with peanut butter this morning as a pre-run breakfast.  And coffee.  Gotta have coffee.

After my run I used up the LAST of the beet puree in a “Beet-iful Beet” smoothie.  I used about 1.75 ounces (2 tbsp) puree, 3/4 C plain lowfat yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and some cinnamon.  Still pretty beet-y, but it went down well.  It will certainly fill me up until lunch!  This won’t be the last time I use beets, but I doubt I’ll be doing many more smoothies with them.  I don’t think I’ve tried roasted beets, and the beet pancakes I made once were pretty tasty as well.

I’m having leftover salmon, orzo salad and marinated tomatoes for lunch!  I MIGHT sneak a bite or two of the last piece of chocolate cake, but I’ve resolved to throw it away after today.  I’m SO CLOSE to my goal and I just want to get there!


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