mezmerised mermaids

My fingers and toes look like an ocean!

My fingers are currently sporting OPI’s “Mermaid to Order.”  I found it at Sephora a couple summers ago and bought it immediately.  I love teal.  Pretty much anything in teal makes my heart jump–clothes, shoes, makeup, kitchen gear, home furnishings…  (Specific shades of blue and green have a similar effect as well.)

The photo above is a little washed out; I was by the window trying to get some natural light, but my nails are just so shiny and smooth that the light wouldn’t stop reflecting!   Here’s another shot in different lighting:

Upon closer examination, it looks a bit more green here.  I also, apparently, need to moisturize my hands more.

While reading last month’s issue of Shape Magazine, I came across this color:

It’s called “Mesmerised” by Essie.  Yet another thing I had to own immediately.  Fortunately for me, Carolyn works part-time at the local Ulta and scored me a coupon.  I was in need of some mascara anyway, so off I went.

I love this shade of blue.  It’s just the right mix of cornflower, royal and periwinkle, all mixed into one.  It’s not matte, but it’s not metallic either, which I like because almost every polish I have is metallic.

I just love these colors in the summer.  I’ve also been using my peachy orange color from Essie called “E-nuf is E-nuf” that I got this spring and blogged about here.  There is just something about tan skin and bright colors.

Ever since I got out of the military, I’ve been going crazy with nail polish!  I love these teals and blues in the summer, and then I transition to deep, dark reds, browns and a navy blue in the fall.  I have a classic reddish-maroon and multiple shades of nude and light pinks that work all the time.

I’ve also been experimenting with makeup colors; more on my style and love of color soon!

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