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I’ve been planning this post for awhile now.  Not sure why it’s taken me this long to get it all together and hit the “publish” button, but I suppose it does fit in well following yesterday’s nail polish post.  (Yes, unfortunately there are times that my life really is this UN-interesting.)

Anyway, last month’s Real Simple featured an article on colorful makeup and it really intrigued me.  I love makeup, and I love color, but I’ve never really branched out beyond browns and plums when it comes to eye shadow.  And don’t even get me started on lips…I rarely do anything more than lip gloss since I don’t recognize myself with lip stick!  That, and my lips are ENORMOUS, so color of any sort just kind of amplifies them.

But, I decided to give some of the shades a try (green, teal and purple) so I brought the article to Ulta and scoured the aisles looking for the suggested lip colors.  I’ve been hooked on bright eyes ever since!

Click below for the article; I tore out the last page that had a re-cap of all the color pairings and have been using that to mix and match.

“Bright Makeup for Eyes and Lips” Real Simple June 2011

Here is green/teal eye shadow with coral lips.  I actually already had greenish and teal eye shadows, so I’ve been interchanging and mixing those depending upon what I’m wearing.

Doesn’t my hair look red here?  Unfortunately, it’s just the lighting…

I like the coral lips, but having color on takes some getting used to.  And it’s time-consuming!  The only coral lip stick I could find was Sula Natural, but it’s SO BRIGHT, so I have to blot, then apply gloss, then blot again.  I’ve been going through the stash of napkins in my glovebox like crazy!

Here’s navy blue shadow with reddish lips.  I love the navy and red combo.

The red is a combo of a maroon lip pencil (it’s NYX in Maroon) and a free sample of Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster SPF 15 gloss in “Brightening Pink” I got in the mail.  I love the lip pencil because it goes on really smoothly and then kind of “stains” my lips, so I just have to keep re-applying gloss instead of both.

Another color combo was purple eye shadow with brown lips.  Again, I already had a purple shadow, which I think really brings out the green in my eyes.  This is more of a lilac or lavender purple than a plum.

The article said to pair it with brown lips, but I couldn’t find a brown lip stick I liked, so I chose Palladio’s Herbal Lip Gloss in “Sheer Bronze.”  I love the smell and that it’s pretty sheer, but next time I’m at Ulta, I might try to find another NYX pencil in a darker brown to get a little more color on my lips.

So, what do you think?  Do I look ridiculous?  Is it something you would do?  I’ve been having a blast pairing colors with different outfits.  Summer is such a great time for this; I love pairing neutral outfits with bright accessories and makeup!

4 thoughts on “fun with color

  1. I really like the purple eyeshadow with the bronze lips gloss, and the green/teal eyeshadow with the coral lipstick a very close second. You didn’t mention your cheek color. Did you use the same cheek color for all the eye shadow/lip color combos?

    1. Nicole, I just used the same blush for all of them–it’s Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in “Waikiki Strip/Peachy Glow Bronzer.” I’ve had it for awhile and like that it has shades ranging from pinkish-peach to brown, so I can swirl and use it for blush or bronzer.

  2. I LOVE the Teal/green and cora!!! To me the red and navy is too much for your skin tone…but maybe I am thinking so because I am so much older and far behind and not in tune with new trends. : ) I also like the purple eye shadow and am curious to see it with brown lips!

    Aunt Mary

    1. I love the teal/coral combo too! Honestly, I don’t think those photos of the navy and red did it justice–I was in the shade, so it made me look real pale. It’s a more dramatic look, but with the right outfit it works.

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