A little bit of the tropics in a freezing house…

This is what my thermostat said this morning:

  I was freezing!  It didn’t help that Hadrian had OD’d on water last night and had me up at 4 AND 6 a.m. to pee.

  Because it’s Thursday and that’s the day I don’t go to gym until 9:45 for yoga, I could actually sleep past 6 a.m.  But no, not with Hadrian’s bladder.

  Anyway, I had a very ripe mango on the counter, so I’d been planning on making a smoothie in the morning for a light breakfast.  Not this morning!  I wanted to get warmer, not colder!

  So, I pulled a Kath and made oatmeal.

  I still wanted to use the mango, so I came up with a “tropical” theme of sorts.  I used rolled oats, a splash of OJ, milk, lowfat cottage cheese (for protein), half a banana, about a third of the mango, flax seeds and a little honey.  I threw in a bit of Jamaican Allspice as well.  I topped with just a bit of sweetened, shredded coconut.

  Yum!  It was a bit sweet and weird (there is a reason mango isn’t a favorite topping for oatmeal), but not bad at all.  It was a bit watery as well…maybe less milk next time?  It definitely kept me full until I had lunch around 12:30.

Thankfully, we have a break from the rain today AND tons of sunshine, so I’m planning on taking the pup for a nice long walk.  Other things on the agenda:

-a complete closet clean-out!  (my jeans are too big–yay!  scored FIVE pairs of size 8 pants at Goodwill today, and with the move coming up, I just want to PURGE all the old, worn-out stuff I’ve been hanging on to)

-errands: grocery store, Auto Zone (Andrew has to change my brake pads while he’s home this weekend), and the Fairborn city  offices to get our garage sale permit

-Bible study (I’m in two different ones, so I do Esther in the morning with coffee, and the other one with tea whenever I can fit it in!)

-the neighbor kids will be mowing/weed whacking our yard–thank goodness we have a break from the rain–it’s a jungle out there!

2 thoughts on “A little bit of the tropics in a freezing house…

  1. Ok, I must comment on the thermostat and refusal to turn on the heat…. In May, 1999 we went to DC for the weekend to see Carl and Nancy. I was 6 months pregnant (looking 8 since it was twins)… beside the point. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a day walking around DC, etc. When we got home on Sunday, our house was FREEZING… (in the 50’s). I was in shock. I called Kim to see what the weather had been like while we were away (remember, this was Chesapeake, not far from DC) and it had been cold over the weekend. Trust me, we turned on the heat…. even though it was early May.

    1. I’m still holding out… What was my father’s mantra? “Put more clothes on!” We had a BEAUTIFUL day here today, so it warmed up a bit. The next four days bring more rain 😦

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