A List

I haven’t had time to post in a couple days…(hard to believe, I know.)  Crazy amounts of rain (which means dealing with our almost-fixed-leaky-basement-window), showings, errands, the gym and other randomness has taken over my life!

Heather and Maggie left A WEEK AGO…why don’t I feel like I’ve had much a break yet?


Because I keep forgetting my camera and because I can’t think straight these days anyway, here is a list:

1.  Susy and I spent Sunday in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon.  We woke up at 4 a.m. for this.  Our friend, Nicole, ran the full and another friend, Kathy, ran the half.  This would have been an excellent time to bring my camera.  We got to see them both at mile 5 1/2 and Nicole again at 25 1/2.  Susy and I even got our own 4-miler in to kill some time.  We ate at Maggiano’s and browsed at the mall before heading home.  LONG DAY.

2.  Andrew bought me Essie nailpolish in “Jazz.”  Isn’t he sweet?  (He also bought me Bare Minerals foundation primer, but I’m not sure he knows that yet…)

3.  I went to Waynesville with some ladies for lunch today.  This also would have been an excellent time to bring my camera.  While there I bought a really cool, colorful picture to put in our kitchen.  I will take a photo someday.

4.  The house has remained incredibly clean all week.  Yay!  However, it’s still a chore to pick-up and get Hadrian squared-away in the car each time we have a showing (we’ve had like FIVE–yay!).  And with the price of gas these days, the LAST thing I want to do is drive around aimlessly for an hour.

5.  It’s not supposed to rain again until tomorrow night–PRAISE GOD!

6.  After a 5 a.m. basement window debacle (in which it was pouring rain and I was in flip-flops), I told Andrew I was overnighting LLBean wellies.  I didn’t overnight them, but they should be here in time for the next downpour.

7.  Our house is FREEZING.  (I blame the rain.)  However, I refuse to turn the heat on.  It’s MAY.

8.  I’ve lost 10 pounds.  TEN POUNDS!  Where, you ask, did it come from?  (My waist, hips and butt.)  Seriously though, I am on cloud 9 and don’t intend to come off until the last 5 pounds do as well.

9.  Did you know rhubarb was in season now?  I mean, I guess I did…  Anyway, Andrew loves rhubarb and is coming home this weekend (yay!), and I have two homemade pie crusts in the freezer.  Hence, I’ll be making rhubarb pie.

10.  Speaking of my freezer.  It is FULL.  And the outdoor freezer.  MUST. EAT. FOOD. IN. FREEZER. BEFORE. WE. MOVE.

2 thoughts on “A List

  1. It was a complete thrill and a wonderful surprise to see you at the race this Sunday. Thanks for being there. And waking up at 4:00 a.m.–well, that’s love for sure!

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