it’s a jungle in there

Laundry day.  Here, it was yesterday.

I’ve been doing laundry about once a week since we’ve been here, which means I have about two bins full of dirty clothes between the two of us.  I shouldn’t complain; the laundry room is just down the hall and free to use.  All I need to do is provide soap, time and elbow grease.

However, there is a little wrinkle (haha, no pun intended) in my laundry routine.  I hang all, and I mean ALL, my workout clothes to dry.  The high heat from the dryer breaks down the elastic–I read that somewhere.  I did this at home, too, but I always did smaller loads throughout the week, so I never had more than about seven or eight items to hang at any one time.

Well.  This laundry-once-a-week-thing transforms my bathroom into what looks like a cramped running goods store.  Or a jungle of brightly colored dry-fit wear.

Twenty-five items total hung in my bathroom yesterday.

Sports bras: 8

Shorts: 6

Shirts: 6

Long-sleeve shirts: 2

Yoga shorts: 2

Running capris: 1

ONE of the above items was a “regular” article of clothing; a part-cashmere top I wore to church last weekend.  (I have a phobia of drying ANYTHING that might ruin, shrink or otherwise become less nice because of the dryer.  I will say, however, now that I’ve lost a few pounds, I’ve been throwing things in the dryer right and left!  It’s so freeing…)

On a side note, I didn’t actually wear eight sports bras in one week; I picked up a few more the other day since the last couple times I had to do laundry out of necessity (as in I had nothing left to wear for my workouts)!

I ended up scoring some great deals at Marshalls–two sports bras, a pair of Nike running capri pants for fall and a pair of New Balance yoga shorts for $60!  The running capris at Dick’s are typically $60 alone, so I was pretty stoked.


…it really was pretty jungle-like in there for awhile!  And that didn’t include any of Andrew’s shorts (he’s started running again in the mornings), which I hung up in his bathroom.  I guess I should be thankful he hasn’t hung up any of his clothes in his closet (they remain in the Rubbermaid tub and duffle they arrived in) so I have thirty-odd extra hangers at any given time…


flowers, flowers, everywhere…

Today just seems like a day to blog about my day.  I usually try to have some sort of subject, or point or just something particular to type about.  But today my mind is all over the place!

Andrew got me flowers 🙂  I thought they were for Heather (we did just have Mother’s Day, and I’m not a mother), until she said they had come for me while I was working at the library!  They are the white roses in the pale green fish gurgle pitcher (b-day present from Heather!).  The other flowers are from Heather’s dad for Mother’s Day.  And, on the computer, is a giant orange rose.  I’m not really into orange (see yesterday’s post on color), but I wanted a new desktop photo and it’s full of energy.

That yellow thing in my water glass?  It’s a cube of frozen pineapple juice.  Awhile ago (like maybe last summer), I had a giant container of pineapple juice that I didn’t want to waste.  So, I filled up ice cube trays, froze them, then noted how much juice was in each cube (2 tbsp) and then bagged them all up.  I also did this with some limes.  I’m loving the hint of flavor it gives my water.

It’s currently 80 degrees out and I’M DYING.  I took a few minutes (literally!) to go outside before lunch and clear some dead grass and put down grass seed–I was dripping within minutes!  This is why I am so glad we’re moving to western New York.  I spent all last summer trapped inside because all I do is melt outside.  I broke down and turned the AC on…

I did my long run with Susy outside today.  Note to self:  DO NOT eat a high-protein, egg-white and veggie omelet before running.  You may balk at this, but I do typically eat breakfast just before I head to gym.  Usually I have yogurt and granola with fruit, cereal or toast.  Lately, because I’m watching what I’m eating and because I’ve had an abundance of produce around the kitchen, I’ve been making omelets.  Very yummy.  Also very heavy.  I regretted it this morning.  Lesson learned:  smaller, higher-carb breakfasts before runs!

After my stomach FINALLY stopped feeling like it had a brick in it (around noon), I made a lunch of salad, Trader Joe’s veggie and flaxseed chips with my homemade hummus and a mango and strawberry bowl.  I splurged and had ranch dressing on my salad–I LOVE ranch-anything.  Seriously, unless it’s some fancy fruit/nut/greens salad–I want ranch.  Not the Hidden Valley brand (which I lived on as a kid)…I’ve been using T. Marzetti’s Light Classic Ranch.  It’s in the refrigerated section in produce at the grocery store.  Love it.

I have a full afternoon ahead of me–cleaning because we have a showing tonight!  Honestly, the house has stayed pretty immaculate lately, but it could use some tidying-up here and there.  I also have to make bread for dinner, prep dinner and have it on the table by 5 p.m. so we can eat and run before the showing.

Scored some awesome sports bras and tanks at TJMaxx today!  Been needing to replace some of my stuff for awhile now, and I had some time to run in after I ran an errand at Lowe’s.  I love that store–well, I love Lowe’s too–but you just never know when you’ll hit the jackpot.  I did today!

Tonight Heather and I are going to enjoy some wine, cheese and crackers that we got while shopping at Trader Joe’s–cannot wait!  (Thankfully, it’s a long-run day, so I can splurge!)

That might be it for now…can you tell my mind is racing??  Except that this is pretty normal for me…  After I do all the things on my list, hopefully I’ll have some time to sit and have some tea.