it’s a jungle in there

Laundry day.  Here, it was yesterday.

I’ve been doing laundry about once a week since we’ve been here, which means I have about two bins full of dirty clothes between the two of us.  I shouldn’t complain; the laundry room is just down the hall and free to use.  All I need to do is provide soap, time and elbow grease.

However, there is a little wrinkle (haha, no pun intended) in my laundry routine.  I hang all, and I mean ALL, my workout clothes to dry.  The high heat from the dryer breaks down the elastic–I read that somewhere.  I did this at home, too, but I always did smaller loads throughout the week, so I never had more than about seven or eight items to hang at any one time.

Well.  This laundry-once-a-week-thing transforms my bathroom into what looks like a cramped running goods store.  Or a jungle of brightly colored dry-fit wear.

Twenty-five items total hung in my bathroom yesterday.

Sports bras: 8

Shorts: 6

Shirts: 6

Long-sleeve shirts: 2

Yoga shorts: 2

Running capris: 1

ONE of the above items was a “regular” article of clothing; a part-cashmere top I wore to church last weekend.  (I have a phobia of drying ANYTHING that might ruin, shrink or otherwise become less nice because of the dryer.  I will say, however, now that I’ve lost a few pounds, I’ve been throwing things in the dryer right and left!  It’s so freeing…)

On a side note, I didn’t actually wear eight sports bras in one week; I picked up a few more the other day since the last couple times I had to do laundry out of necessity (as in I had nothing left to wear for my workouts)!

I ended up scoring some great deals at Marshalls–two sports bras, a pair of Nike running capri pants for fall and a pair of New Balance yoga shorts for $60!  The running capris at Dick’s are typically $60 alone, so I was pretty stoked.


…it really was pretty jungle-like in there for awhile!  And that didn’t include any of Andrew’s shorts (he’s started running again in the mornings), which I hung up in his bathroom.  I guess I should be thankful he hasn’t hung up any of his clothes in his closet (they remain in the Rubbermaid tub and duffle they arrived in) so I have thirty-odd extra hangers at any given time…