DC adventures

Last month, I tagged along when Andrew had a conference to attend in Washington, D.C.  While I grew up in both Northern and Southern Virginia, as well as Philadelphia, I realized it has been AT LEAST two decades since I’d played the tourist in our nation’s capital. It was high-time I went back. Continue reading “DC adventures”

Holland/Belgium/France 2017: an introduction

Yet again, Andrew and I are across the pond, this time in the Netherlands!

This trip was not planned as a vacation; in fact, back in January we decided we wouldn’t take a trip this year. However, just as we resigned ourselves to staying home and finishing our projects, Andrew found out there was a possibility he might need to travel to Amsterdam for work.  For months we felt like we were in limbo, wondering if the trip would happen and for how log it might be. Finally, about three weeks ago (!!!) Andrew got the green light that he would be needed in Nieuw-Vennep (Moog’s division outside Amsterdam) when the piece of the surgical arm he designed arrives.

We immediately threw ourselves into trip-planning mode, decided to tack on two additional weeks for some travel afterward (might as well, right?!) and arranged for a house sitter for our fur babies.  Needless to say, these last couple weeks have been nothing short of INSANE; Andrew put in almost 80 hours at work just last week ensuring his design prototype was ready to ship and I ran around with a to-do list a mile long.

We landed at 7 am Saturday in Amsterdam and, after a leisurely breakfast at the Schiphol Airport, jumped in our rental car and headed for Haarlem.  We’re staying at the Lion d’Or, a business hotel about 20 minutes from both Nieuw-Vennep and Amsterdam, and we couldn’t be happier.

We spent the next day recovering from jet lag (it’s for real) and getting acquainted with our new home for the next two weeks.  More to come!