Look Closer at All Natural

Last month, I wrote about ‘natural flavors.’  Be wary of this term in packaging and the ingredient label, as it’s an umbrella term that can mean almost anything…as long as it was once a ‘natural’ ingredient.  That isn’t to say it’s always bad; it’s simply worth checking out beyond the information provided on the label, perhaps via the company’s website.

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Looking at the “Natural” in Natural Flavor Labels

Last month, I wrote about the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) found in cans of sparkling water.  I hope that information has helped you choose a better brand while shopping.  As a reminder, a study by Consumer Reports found Sparkling Ice, Spindrift, SanPellegrino, Dasani and Schweppes to have the fewest PFAs, while La Croix, Canada Dry, Poland Spring, Bubly and Polar had the most.

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