out with the yellow

A few months ago, I decided I hated the yellow in our kitchen. Perhaps it was the additional lighting Andrew added, or perhaps it was that it began to remind me of Rachael Ray’s horrible pastel yellow kitchen and multi-color accessories. Either way, I knew my yellow-green-orange-blue with cherry cabinets motif needed to go.

Long term, Andrew and I have plans to do a tile backsplash and put glass in two of our cabinet doors, as well as put in a new (white, French-door) pantry door. But for now, I settled with ‘de-coloring’ the kitchen.

First, I bought a new crock in which to put all those spoons and spatulas, and a new dish rack for drying dishes on the counter. Second, I put the green mixer and green crock ( filled with lesser-used cooking utensils) in the pantry and out of sight. Lastly, I picked a paint color I thought would lighten up the kitchen and be as close to white without being white, or any sort of pink-y cream, either.

I couldn’t wait to get started!

(I couldn’t find a picture with all the stuff on the counter, so just imagine green and orange crocks, a green mixer, a black dish drying rack and pops of blue.)


After primer:




Where am I???


Andrew was kind enough to move the fridge for me so I could get a hard-to-reach spot, and then I realized I still needed to paint above the door…



Again, I really do think it screams for some sort of tile backsplash that will complement the counter, but other than that, I’m really happy with it. Andrew is also going to take out part of a wall (hopefully soon!) that will let in more natural light, which–I’ve noticed–is key for this color to work. In the shadows, my ‘luxury linen’ looks pink–NOT OK!

All in all, this color makes the cherry cabinets more livable for me. And I am LOVING both the bright white utensil crock and my new dish rack!

impulse shopping

This is what happens when Holly goes to Wegmans for ‘a few things:’

Hey, at least it’s all healthy, right?  Just LOOK at all those colors!

HAD to get:

-bananas and spinach (only one left in the house–yikes!)

-cottage cheese (I have a cut-up pineapple in the fridge just begging to be paired with it)

-avocado (remember all those Julio’s chips Andrew shipped home??)

-strawberries (because I’ve waited all winter long for them)

-red pepper and sugar snap peas (homemade hummus is in the fridge as we speak–or type, rather)

-wheat germ (for a bread recipe)

-frozen blueberries and a lemon (for a muffin recipe and because berries are expensive enough)

-deli ham and light swiss (Andrew’s gotta have lunch tomorrow…)

OK, I’ll admit, I totally got sucked into the Nature’s Market section (like I ever DON’T?) and some SALES caught my eye…

…like this one for Health Valley Organic cereal bars and ‘pop tarts.’  It was $1 off each, and the blueberry was just calling to me.  (Blueberry totally has been these days!  I already made a plan to make Ellie Krieger’s blueberry muffins this weekend…)  I figured Andrew would like the strawberry bars and I could mix some warmed ‘toaster tarts’ into our morning breakfast routine.

And then there was the sale on granola:

It was $1 off, too!  In my defense, we’ve been out of granola for awhile now and I said to myself (out loud, of course) that I should get some more soon.  I initially saw the ‘vanilla blueberry with flax seeds’ (there is that blueberry again) variety and grabbed it, only to then see the ‘maple walnut with chia and quinoa’ and ‘oat and honey WITH COCONUT’ flavors…  There was just no deciding between them.  At least they’ll last awhile…

Side note: Some of you are probably wondering why I would BUY this stuff when I can make it all myself, which I actually enjoy doing.  A couple reasons:

1.  I’m EXHAUSTED, and surprisingly busy.  I’ve been catching up on random stuff since finishing up with school, as well as tackling a bunch of things that popped up, like arranging summer travel plans and working out a new gym routine.

2.  I don’t really enjoy cooking in this kitchen.  It sounds bad, but it’s true.  Until I have ‘my’ kitchen, it just isn’t the same.

3.  I’m starting The Hunger Games soon (maybe this weekend!), which will consume me for however long it takes to read them all.  Andrew, I apologize in advance–I’ll make sure we’re stocked up on the unhealthy food you insist on eating when I don’t cook.  Or maybe not.

4.  The bright colors and yellow SALE tags caught my eye.  (Hey, I’m just being honest.)

5.  And lastly, I am (unfortunately) about to become just as busy as before.  My summer online class starts in a little more than a week and I already took a look at the online info…  It looks INTENSE, to say the least.  Fantastic.

So yeah, despite ending school, I won’t be found in the kitchen too much just yet…

OK, back to groceries….

The Justin’s was on sale ($6.99 instead of $8.99… still pricey, but oh, so good!) and I’ve been eyeing this Cinnamon Raisin Swirl variety EVERY TIME I GO TO WEGMANS.  EVERY TIME.  I pulled the trigger today–why not?  Kath eats almond butter on her carrots sometimes, and ever since I saw one of those photos I’ve been intrigued to try it.  I thought the Justin’s would be the perfect accompaniment for some carrot sticks.  (Oh, have I told you all I’m eating raw carrots now?  I went my whole life HATING them, and then all of a sudden, they’re fine.  What’s with that?)

And this guy was hiding behind all the store-bought goodness the whole time…

Beautiful, wonderful-smelling homemade bread.  What better with which to pair the new cinnamon raisin peanut butter??