March madness

March has FLOWN BY. We started with the Weekend to Remember, and Andrew was out of town for a portion of EVERY week. While I enjoy the quiet evenings to myself, it does get fatiguing to be the only parent all day, every day.

Maelle and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a special breakfast: Irish Soda Bread scones and eggs in a shamrock (sliced green pepper). I always try to make special breakfasts on holidays, like pink pancakes for Valentine’s Day, or something green for St. Patrick’s Day.

We’d gotten snow earlier in the week, and by Friday, it was almost gone. I had to snap a photo of our melted snowman and the pile of his accessories!

Can you tell Maelle is from Buffalo?! She’s been insisting on shorts lately, and despite temps in the high 30s (maybe 40?) she would not put on pants to go to the playground. At least she wore her wool socks.

My favorite thing to do in the evenings when Andrew is traveling is watch all the romantic comedies in our queue that he doesn’t want to see. After watching The Recruit (a Netflix CIA action mini-series starring Noah Centineo) with Andrew, I stumbled upon this movie (The Perfect Date, also starring Centineo) and thought I’d give it a shot. All of a sudden, it hit me–Noah Centineo IS high school Andrew! They do bear a slight resemblance, but it’s more the open button down shirt over a tee and his character in this movie that got me. (Smart, hard worker, obsessed with going to an Ivy League school, nice guy.)

So, of course, I proceeded to watch the other four teenage rom-coms he’s in (the To All The Boys trilogy, as well as Sierra Burgess is a Loser), only to realize he plays the EXACT SAME CHARACTER in all of them: sweet, smart jock who falls for the not-so-popular girl because she’s actually interesting instead of simply beautiful and vapid). I didn’t know Andrew in high school, but I did meet him freshman year of college, and I imagine there are a lot of similarities between the two.

To top it off, check out this gem below–Andrew’s senior year photo! We found it last weekend when we were at the high school attending Maelle’s dance recital. He looks so young! I can’t believe that was 22 years ago…

Later that weekend, I attended a triple-baby ‘sprinkle’ for some of the girls in our running group. There are about 12 or 13 of us in the ‘stroller squad’ and we enjoyed a kid-free brunch at one of their houses for a couple hours.

This year is flying by! I can’t believe today is April 1st!

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