big girl bathroom

Maelle has her very own bathroom now!

I’ve been wanting to turn our upstairs hall bathroom, used primarily by overnight guests and infrequently by us, into more of a kid’s bathroom for awhile now. In fact, as soon as found out we were pregnant, I was eyeing these polka-dot accessories from Target! However, for the longest time, the bathroom was supposed to get bigger as part of a second-story dormer in our upcoming house project (hopefully more on that VERY soon), but due to budget constraints, we’ve had to cut it out.

So, without further ado, I headed to Sherwin Williams for paint and Target for supplies!

Unfortunately, the bathroom had just been used by my parents’ during their stay for Maelle’s recital, so I would have had to ‘put it back together’ to take a ‘before’ shot. (In hindsight, I should have.) Previously, the walls were brown and the color scheme for the towels and accessories included blues and teals. Shocking. There was a light green ‘East Aurora’ sign on the wall, and it was really a rather nice little bathroom.

However, it’s always been small–so small we didn’t even bathe Maelle in here but once–so we rarely use it. But, in light of the fact that it’s not going to see any construction, I figured it was time to move her out of our bathroom and into her own!

Like many of my projects, I completed it while Andrew was gone! He happened to leave on a business trip the same morning my parents did, and I thought it would be fun to have a surprise ‘reveal’ for both he and Maelle once it was done. I’ve always wanted that bathroom to be white, so I simply bought bright white paint and slapped on a few coats. Didn’t even take an entire quart! It was also a good chance to deep clean the entire space, and freshen it up with some new colors.

Once Andrew returned from his trip, I surprised them both with it completely finished! They both loved it and Maelle has started using it to go potty all on her own most of the time.

I wasn’t planning to spray paint the little cabinet white, but I think I may. While the bathroom isn’t getting bigger, it does truly need some DIY help–the floor is stained wood that is chipping, the shower and tile (brown!) need to be updated, and the toilet uses a ton of water. I can see this being an Andrew-and-me project in a few years’ time; I’d love to remove the wainscoting (so hard to clean!), relocate a new toilet next to the sink (yes, I know there is a gable there, but it’s a kids’ bath), tile the floor and re-tile the tub/shower. The sink itself is fine, but I think we need more storage, so I’d switch it for a cabinet base. So, basically we’ll need to gut it and start from scratch-ha!

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