Chagrin Falls

Well, Emily and I managed to pick another winner of a weekend (not!)–in terms of weather–for our recent overnight to Chagrin Falls. It was super cold and we woke up Sunday morning to snow–not exactly what you want to see the morning you have to drive home. ( I can’t find a post about it, but I’m pretty sure the last time we went in March, we had to leave early to avoid an ice storm. Ugh.)

But, despite the cold temps, we had a great time visiting as usual. We opted for more indoor time, and we started with coffees from Heartwood. We had lattes made with ginger and they were delicious. A little sweet with a bit of a kick.

We always spend Saturday afternoon shopping, and this time was no different. We popped into the toy store and picked up Easter basket goodies for our kiddos and the bookstore for discount greeting cards. We love this boutique–Gypsy Sole–and really wanted these sweatshirts, but not for $98! This is the store where a few years ago I realized I wanted a tattoo; Emily and I had fun walking down memory lane in some of these stores during our visit. It was at the bookstore that we found the name Emmett, which became her son’s name, and I even bought Maelle’s first stuffy, a giant sting ray, here in Chagrin when I was just one month pregnant. I guess Chagrin Falls holds a lot of sweet memories for us both.

We also discovered a new gem, The Spice and Tea Exchange. It’s filled with tons of glass jars ready for the smelling! They have loose-leaf teas and unique spice mixes. We got hot teas to sip, as well as a couple spice mixes to take home. I’m really excited about the Honey Truffle Sea Salt I found–it was the most unique thing I found. It reminds me of a basket of fries from an English Pub, but the bag also recommends using it on popcorn, oatmeal and chicken.

That evening, we tried a new restaurant, The Paris Room, and loved its bohemian, basement vibes. OK, maybe just I did, but it grew on Emily. If only we could have had this table! (We were seated at a smaller one next to it.)

One funny anecdote from this trip: ALL our cocktails were weak and/or lacking flavor! Next time, we’re sticking with WINE! AND springing for a bigger room at the Inn; the twin room just doesn’t cut it after you’ve stayed in the Siriano Suite! Ha!

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