WinterFest 2023

While the cat’s away, the mice will play.

Andrew was on a business trip to California (lucky duck!) all week, and Maelle didn’t have preschool, so we packed our week with all sorts of fun activities! By the end, though, I was one tired mama!

Here in the north, we have what’s called a ‘February Break.’ It’s not Spring Break, or associated with Easter. Honestly, it’s probably in place to give students (and teachers!) an easy way to escape our endless winter for a few days. Our little village goes all out to entertain those of us who stay around, and this was the first time Maelle and I participated in any of the activities.

On Monday, we were supposed to see Lyle, Lyle Crocodile, the free movie at the theater, but it was already full when we arrived! Thankfully, Maelle handled it like a champ and we popped into the Toy Loft with a friend instead, and then headed to the ice rink for some ice skating! Thankfully, the movie was available on Netflix, so we made our own ‘movie theater’ at home with snacks and popcorn later!

On Tuesday, we had a playdate with a friend at our house, and then I took both kids to the library. They’d set up a scavenger hunt there, as well as fingerprint and coloring stations. We grabbed a bunch of Madeline and I Spy books to take home, then headed to the middle school for a pool party!

Despite Maelle’s face, she had a blast! I’ve been trying to get us in a pool once a week, and this was a great way to do it here in town and for free! Maelle is practicing doggie-paddling without her life jacket.

Later on after nap, we visited the co-op for their hot chocolate bar! They had hot cocoa and fun toppings out all day for free.

On Wednesday, we still had our weekly ninja gym class and then met Gram for lunch at Capelli’s! Later that afternoon and evening, we got an ice storm! Thankfully, we never lost power.

On Thursday, Maelle and I stayed home in the morning–I think we were both a little tired from all our fun adventures and late naps. Maelle got to watch a movie while I baked and whipped up some soup. Later that afternoon, we did some cookie decorating at the co-op, and then met friends for dinner at Red’s.

On Friday we hosted playdate here at the house, and then hit the McDonalds play place (Maelle’s first time!) with friends for lunch. Now THAT’S a hidden gem! I mean, I’m not a huge fan of the food (my girlfriend and I got coffees), but the chance to sit and talk while the kids play happily is a much-needed break sometimes.

While being way off our regular schedule WHILE Andrew was out of town for a week was a double-whammy to my sanity, it was fun and I genuinely enjoyed spending so much extra time with Maelle. I’m so glad we live in such a family-friendly town, and that we could do so many of the activities. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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