February fun

We’re really enjoying having (what feels like) extra free time as home, after our busy year last year and the holidays.

The first weekend in February was National Ice Cream for Breakfast day! Our favorite little spot opened early that morning and gave everyone who arrived in their pajamas a discount! Of course we did 🙂 We saw lots of kiddo in jammies, as well as some parents!

Rosie’s even came up with special ‘breakfast’ flavors, like Granola Parfait, Blueberry Muffin and Avocado Chocolate Chunk. I wanted to try them all! Maelle chose Yabba Dabba Doo, which is actually one of their regular flavors.

We’ve had some unseasonably nice weather here, so we got to walk/ride to ninja gym twice in a row! The first time was a little wet and our shoes got super muddy, so I got smart the next week and brought Maelle an extra pair. Of course, that day it was totally dry and we didn’t need them, but that’s how it goes, right?!

We’ve also started going on ‘family dates’ most weekends. It seems like every time we want to order takeout from Left Coast Taco, they’re closed! Which is TRAGIC when you’re set on having their nachos for dinner. So, we decided to make it a family date and went for lunch last Saturday. We all had a blast.

I think Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, and I splurged this year and got Maelle a Bitty Bogg Bag of her own! I figured it would make a great little bag for her to take to the pool, especially since I was able to find a couple indoor pools here that we can use until summer. My goal is to have her in the water once a week.

I stuffed her bag with Target dollar finds, as well as a pink striped pair of jams that I’d been saving for her in the ‘too big’ box. Of course, out of all the items, I think the heart hair clips and temporary tattoos were her favorites. We ate pink pancakes and drank pink (beet) smoothies and everyone thought it was all delicious (even Andrew!).

We have MORE fun coming up next week during Winterfest!

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