a kitty cat for halloween

About a week before Halloween, I realized I had not even THOUGHT of what Maelle should be, much less put a costume together. Dress-up stash to the rescue!

I’ve been collecting dress-up items, new and used, knowing one day she’ll be into that kind of play. Last year, I bought a set of octopus ‘legs’ that I just had to have, and this year a rainbow cape I fell in love with. We have wands and crowns and masks as well, but she hasn’t really gotten into dressing up yet. Well, I grabbed the bag and found a black dress with iridescent sequins and a matching black cat eye mask with a pink feather and wand–voilá! A cute black kitty cat costume that is easy to make warm enough with long sleeves and leggings.

My parents came, as is their tradition these last few years, to join us for trick-or-treating. We head over to the Nyes’ house for dinner, and then hand out their candy to the hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of costumed kiddos. Andrew and I have been joining the Nyes for probably eight or nine years now. While I love our tradition, it makes me a little sad that our house sits dark, and taking Maelle out to get candy (or to bed!) takes us away from the Nyes’ porch.

Perhaps Maelle’s favorite part of Halloween this year was the ‘spider house.’ It’s relatively new–within the last couple years–that his house has displayed a mechanical spider out front. This year, it was joined by a flying bat! It’s lit up at night and people stop to watch, both from the sidewalk and the street. (So much so, that the homeowners have put up cheeky signs instructing drivers NOT to stop in front of their house…or their neighbors.’)

We visited a few times a week leading up to Halloween. We even walked by as the gentleman was taking the spiders down. I’ve had to tell Maelle multiple times that “the spiders are sleeping” and they’ll be out again next year.

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