Halloween 2020

While Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, it certainly ranks pretty high up there. Our little village really gets in the spirit and I love seeing all the kids in costumes.

We joined the Nyes at their house for dinner, and my parents visited just like they did last year.

Maelle was a MOUSE, and the cutest one I’ve ever seen!

I bought a hat, ears and a tail on sale at Hanna Andersson with the thought that she’d be able to continue to play with them for many years without ‘outgrowing’ them like an outfit. I dressed her in a sleeper with a vest, boots and gray gloves; I couldn’t believe how well it all turned out!

We did a little trick-or-treating this year, and she seemed to enjoy the decorations. I love how ‘all-out’ some of the families go in our neighborhood! This year certainly wasn’t the best (darn COVID), but we made the most of it. Many houses sent their candy flying down a PVC pipe!

Happy Halloween and happy fall, ya’ll!

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