fall in Philly

Andrew, Maelle and I took a long weekend and visited family outside Philadelphia in late October.

With everyone working from home these days, it made it easy for Andrew, Abigail and Marvin to work and visit at the same time. We had great weather and just enjoyed being together.

Maelle and I went on a run together while everyone was working and found a playground for some swinging. Later, we brought everyone else for playtime!

The highlight of our trip was probably Solebury Orchards, where we went for some apple-picking and donut-eating. (Really, it was just an excuse for me to get some family photos, but we all had fun.) The girls loved running through the aisles of trees, and Maelle must have eaten three apples during the course of our visit.

We took home a few pumpkins for the girls to paint. I’m pretty sure Nora did really well, although I was too busy trying to keep Maelle from eating the paint to see!

Another highlight for me was visiting Ikea. It’s such an overwhelming store, so I was a little anxious about how it would go with two families and two toddlers, but I was set on getting a couple things. While the beloved Trofast unit was out of stock at that location, I did end up getting it another way and it’s the perfect complement to Maelle’s new play space. I also picked up the Kallax unit for my new WORKOUT ROOM (more on that SOON).

We pretty much spent the entire time eating great takeout food (thank you, Marvin) and watching the girls play together. I’m so thankful Maelle has a #sistercousin.

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