the year of the t-shirt

Or, more accurately, ‘the last six months of the t-shirt,’ but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I may be a little late to the #teammama party, but I’ve certainly been making up for lost time.

It all started this summer while on vacation with Andrew’s family. His sisters are basically best friends, and they often gift each other with ‘twinsie’ items. Their Etsy game is strong, so our week at the lake was basically one ‘mama’ shirt after another.

Now, I guess hadn’t ever really wanted to display my status as a mother on my chest. In fact, I probably gave a bit of a side eye to all those ‘mama bear’ shirt-wearing ladies. But all of a sudden, I felt left out.

You’d think once we had Maelle that I would have stocked up on mom-related fashion, especially after our hard-fought journey to become parents, but I didn’t. (It wasn’t for lack of trying; I specifically asked Andrew for some ‘mama-inspired’ jewelry for my first Mothers’ Day and he didn’t come through. Cue tears.) Perhaps I just hadn’t found anything that spoke to me.

And then I did. I fell in love with this sweatshirt, and since it was sold out in the size and color I wanted this summer, I added it to my Christmas list. (Fingers are crossed!) But that desire to be in the ‘mom-shirt club’ was now awake, and the floodgates had opened. I found a cute ‘mama’ shirt with a rainbow I liked on Etsy first, and then decided I also wanted a larger, slouchier shirt I could wear with leggings. Two new shirts arrived a few days later.

(Upon further inspection, the ‘larger’ olive green one isn’t that different in size; the mama rainbow is a unisex small, the olive mama square is a women’s large. Oh well.)

And then I saw fall-themed shirts adorned with pumpkins and it was all over. Andrew’s sister Carolyn always seems to have a new festive shirt on… I even nabbed a Christmas shirt in an early sale from Love in Faith.

Shirts three, four and five arrived, but I wanted more Christmas!

I quickly found a shirt with rainbow-colored lettering I had to have, followed immediately by an immense desire for a ‘Christmas Vacation-themed’ shirt. I literally cannot get enough of that movie. Andrew and I do the ‘Todd/Margo’ bit ALL. YEAR. LONG. The search was on. Two more shirts–and a Christmas cup–were ordered post-haste.

Shirts six and seven:

More t-shirts, with themes that include wine and plants, are on my wish list…as I all of a sudden felt my shirt-related spending was becoming gratuitous. (And now that I write this, I think it may have become gratuitous four shirts ago…)

In my defense, I’ve worn these shirts on repeat since they arrived, as evidenced by this post (Maelle is blocking all the pumpkins!) and this post and this post.

I have felt such joy adding these fun pieces to my rotation. I really, TRULY, am a ‘t-shirt and jeans’ kinda girl, and I now wear my ‘mama’ shirts proudly. With a seventeen-month-old, I’m mommin’ pretty hard these days, and these new shirts make me feel cuter and more put-together than before. Don’t we all need a bit more of that in our lives right now?

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