Maelle is ONE

Just as we expected, this past year flew by in the blink of an eye.  We knew it would go quickly, even if it felt like the days dragged on.  What’s that saying?  “The days are long, but the years are short.”  NOTHING makes you feel that so strongly as having a child does.  Nothing. 

Maelle turned one last month, and while I know we have many more years before she’s all grown up, the thought of how fast it will go by takes my breath away. Everything everyone ever said about parenthood has been true.  

“You forget how small they were.”

“It feels as if your heart is walking around outside your body.”

“You miss them when they’re sleeping.”

“You love them so much it hurts.” 

“You don’t know how selfish you are until you have children.”

“Being a mother is the most important/hardest/magical/rewarding thing you’ll do.” 

They are all true.  But you don’t know that until you actually have a baby. 

We love our Maelle Rose more than life, and what a life she’s given us!  She’s the best part of all our days.

She’s walking and *almost* talking, and loves so many things: her shakin’ eggs, sting-ray, the white and red balls in her room, and–most recently–sharing a plum with daddy.

We celebrated her birthday with a smaller guest list than anticipated due to the pandemic, which worked out well since her pool party got rained out and we had to stick to the garage!  We didn’t let a few showers get us down; my parents and Andrew made sure the garage looked beautiful. 

Both our families were able to come, as well as both sets of neighbors and a few friends.  The older boys had a blast playing outside in the rain, and the adults were able to visit comfortably on the couches. 

I loved putting together the goodie bags!  Every family got a Thinkbaby sunscreen stick, and each kid got an age-appropriate water toy, ranging from sinking torpedoes for the pool to floating bath toys for the newborns. I hope I can do fun treat bags at future parties, too. 

Perhaps my favorite part was her cake! I drew what I wanted and couldn’t have been more pleased with how it turned out.  The cake was delicious, and we’ve already gotten into some of the leftover slices I threw in the freezer.

Because her party was the weekend before her birthday, we got to celebrate AGAIN!  I picked up another smash cake and we had a special dinner outside as a family. 

This last year has been everything and nothing like we imagined. 

Here’s to new adventures, seeing life through the eyes of a child and savoring each day as it comes. 


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