We’ve got a walker!

Once they take those first steps, life speeds up REAL FAST.

The days of plopping her down on a play mat are officially over.  She’s on the move!

Maelle took her first steps on Father’s Day–see photo below–and within about two weeks was doing more walking than crawling.  


Maelle has been on two legs now for about a month and is fast as lightning!  She loves to play chase around the house with her papa, and I have to walk PRETTY FAST to keep up with her outside.  She’s into everything she can reach, and I have a feeling we have a climber on our hands. 

I’m really enjoying this stage, despite my having to be a bit more hands-on to keep her safe and out of trouble.  She’s started playing a little more independently, and simply walking from place to place seems to keep her entertained. I can take her across the street to the park and let her walk around; she doesn’t even need to play on the equipment! 

It might be this hot summer we’ve had, but I’m already excited for her to play in the snow this winter!


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