Maelle’s 1st Christmas

Now more than a week into 2020 this post seems a little late, but with two big trips right after Christmas, it’s the best I could do.

Your first Christmas with a baby is indeed magical, and we soaked up every minute enjoying the newness of our family of three this holiday season.

We hosted our annual Christmas Eve party, which included friends and family, and was (thankfully) over by 8 pm. My, how life has changed since Maelle’s arrival.

Per our usual tradition, we packed up our gifts and ate breakfast (OK, more like brunch) at Andrew’s parents’ house on Christmas morning.

This year’s gift-opening was punctuated with nursing and naps, and I think we finally finished up around 2 pm. Maelle WAS our best gift ever, but we also really liked the router (Andrew) and Hunter boots (me) we got.

A few days after Christmas, we packed up the car and headed south to my parents’ house in DC. Maelle is already a hardy traveler who tolerates excessive time in her car seat like a champ, and for that we are very thankful.

My parents hosted a party so our extended family could meet Maelle. She was, needless to say, the highlight of the party.

I was surprised at how well Maelle was able to participate in the unwrapping of her gifts! She ripped and shrieked with joy with the best of them, although her main goal seemed to be eating the paper… I’m already looking forward to next Christmas when she can use her toy tree!

We wrapped up our visit by playing a lively game of Cranium with my family on New Year’s Eve before hitting the road the next day. We had another trip for which we had to pack–the beach!

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