December adventures

This Christmas season seemed a bit more magical with Maelle around.  While the significance of the season is lost on her for now (and it was significantly harder to accomplish some of the things we’re used to doing pre-baby, like watching movies!), we still managed to have a lot of fun.

Maelle helped us decorate our Christmas tree, although she had more fun putting the ornaments in her mouth than on the tree!  She loved getting close to the tree and reaching out to touch the branches so much that we made a stop by the tree a daily activity.

In early December, Maelle and I attended our first Buffalo Bills game!  She even got a certificate with her name on it.  The weather was cold but not too bad, and Maelle was amenable to both nursing and sleeping in the stadium.  We had a long but fun day together as a family and tailgating with friends.

Maelle and I joined some friends and their babies at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  It was decorated for Christmas and the babies (and moms!) loved looking at the colorful plants.  Walking around inside the humid space was a lovely way to spend an otherwise cold and rainy day. Below: Maelle and Maya, who are only two weeks apart!

Maelle joined the running group’s ‘stroller brigade’ for the annual Caroler 5k the weekend before Christmas.

That evening, our little town held the annual ‘Carolcade,’ a singalong on Main Street.  Thousands gathered in the street, a holiday market is set up on a side street and alpacas wearing string lights joined in the fun.  We always make it a point to attend, usually after celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Rick’s.  This year, it seemed silly to have dinner on Main Street, leave and then come right back again with the baby for Carolcade, so we’ll likely choose another weekend to celebrate our anniversary going forward.

A few days before Christmas Eve, I joined a couple friends for a cookie-baking afternoon.  There were two babies on hand, with grandparents to watch them, while the rest of us baked up a storm in the kitchen.  Maelle napped in the sling while I grated nutmeg (below).  We all left with enough cookies to feed an army, and I was all set to assemble my cookie tray for our annual Christmas Eve party.

Up next: Christmas!

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