I got out of the shower and heard Hadrian barking his head off and a strange thumping sound. Trapped in the bathroom, I peered out the window and saw a familiar GMC Terrain parked in the driveway with its lights on, and an older gentleman, shoveling my back porch.

I did the only thing I could do. I called Mrs. Nye.

“Is your husband shoveling my steps?” I asked, knowing the answer.

She said something about fearing for their lives on the icy steps and had taken matters into their own hands. Apparently, they came over to bring me flowers since I was sick. (I’ve had a nasty cold since Friday night. Classic end-of-a-rotation/semester consequence.)

The Nyes are too sweet! They left me flowers, some awesome kettle corn (that I’ve already inhaled), AND they did a number on the icy porch steps.

I’m a lucky girl.

One thought on “loved

  1. The Nyes must be wonderful people! Y’all are very fortunate to have them as friends. They are a perfect example of the way neighbors used to be. Hope you are feeling better. ❤

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