It’s been a veritable picture-hanging spree around here, lately!  With every piece that goes up on a wall, I feel a bit more moved-in 🙂

This baby was moved from the laundry room to the pantry, where we both think it looks much better:



This Roycroft mirror was a birthday gift from the Layers last year, and we just never got around to figuring out the best spot for it until recently.  It’s in the little hallway that leads to the 4th bedroom, and I like that you can see it as soon as you round the corner at the top of the stairs.




Check out the details!  And I love that you can see the Penn State photos in its’ reflection.



This is that craft project I made with a friend a week or so ago:



We attached chicken wire to empty frames, then spray-painted them and decoupaged little clothespins.  It’s hanging in the downstairs half-bath.




Finished look with cards:



I even found another white-framed cork board for my upstairs office nook:



Since I’ve been in school, I’ve resorted to creating scotch-taped ‘clusters’ of papers on the walls near my desk.  First, it was the kitchen in our hotel room at the Staybridge, then the paneled room in the rental house, and then (what is now the 4th bedroom) here before I created this nook.  High time to get another cork board, huh?!  It’s currently displaying the cycling and aerobics class schedules for the YMCA, my hand-written workout schedule and some directions to log into the new co-op blog website.  And my periodic table of elements–it’s more sentimental than necessary now, but it still makes me smile.

Most of those items were finished in one evening; why can’t all the other projects we do be so brief yet bring so much relief?!

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