I decorated

I had no intention to decorate for call this year–I’m busy, man! I’ve definitely reached that point in the semester at which I lose my mind. So no, I wasn’t about to decorate if I can’t even manage to vacuum.

Until I went to Emily’s last weekend.

Her house is like heaven, seriously. She meets you at the door with a veggie tray and wine, there is soft music playing in the background and there is NO ANIMAL HAIR anywhere. So, it’s my happy place.

Anyway, I got totally inspired by all her fall decor and with our friend, Brett, visiting this weekend, I decided to reward myself with some decorating after my last final on Wednesday.

In two nights, I broke down a ton of ransom cardboard boxes, painted the tops of a desk and matching shelf, cleaned like mad and went in a crazy mission to find a glass pumpkin-shaped candy dish. (BTW, way harder to find than I thought it would be.)

So, between Andrew and myself, our house is (in his words) ‘cleaner than it’s ever been.’ A.K.A. ‘When Holly is happiest.’

Here it is, in all it’s fall glory:









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