best. husband. ever.


Ladies, this is what I came home to this afternoon:


The Dyson DC 41 Animal that I’ve been drooling over since it came out last year. It even comes with a giant bag of tools! I let out a gasp and immediately went searching for my phone (to snap this photo, of course!), when Andrew popped out from the dining room.

And it gets better–this is my card:


How did I land this guy, anyway?? Seriously! Andrew’s ‘presents for no reason’ just get better and better… Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first Dyson Andrew has given me; he got me the ‘baby Dyson’ (the DC 24) a few years back after we put all hardwood in our house in Ohio. He knows his cleaning-obsessed wife well. (The truth is, baby Dyson really isn’t a ‘whole house vacuum’ and our ancient Dyson is on its last legs. It was time.)

So, that was the highlight of my year so far. Needless to say, I’ve already vacuumed the whole house…

One thought on “best. husband. ever.

  1. He is definately God’s choice for your helper by your side. He is a rare man these days…cherish him everyday my sweet Holly!

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