a list

…because there are just too many things to cover individually.

1. First week of school went well. Other than having to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the gym, I really like my schedule. Starting at 8 a.m. gets me a better parking spot and, on two days a week, finished at or before noon. You can see a list of all the classes I’m taking on my ‘Back to School’ page. Now that I’m a junior and in the Coordinated Program, I really feel like I belong and enjoy being part of a group like ours. I’m sure I’ll blog more about my classes soon.

2. We have a new addition to our house: a Larkin premium rocking chair from Mrs. Nye. I’ve been wanting one for the porch to provide extra seating out here, but I tell you what–its cherry finish will look REALLY nice in our fourth bedroom once I get it furnished and set up. It almost makes me want a baby. Almost.


3. I’m officially addicted to open-water swimming. Seriously, where has this been my whole life!? I drove out to Sunset Bay again early yesterday morning to meet people to swim and we did about a mile and a half in some relatively choppy water. SO MUCH FUN. I think we’ll be able to go out through September, although I’m starting to wonder if getting a wet suit is in my future…

4. The kitties love the porch almost as much as I do. They’ll be sad when we have to close the doors once it gets cold.


5. Some of my house plants need some major TLC. My pothos (I have a couple) are doing great, but my peace lily and my wandering jew (I’m a little conflicted about the name–we’ll just call her ‘Stella’ from now on) are looking a bit sad. In fact, my peace Lilly’s name is, in fact, Droopy. I think some repotting and new locations are in order. I’m also planning on getting some spider plants (although I can hardly stand the name) for the office, too. Honestly, this house just doesn’t have a lot of window space for plants, so it makes it hard to have bright-light lovers here. I will persevere!

6. I picked green beans yesterday. The farm from which we get our CSA invites us to come pick our own of certain things, and right now it’s green and wax beans. I blanched and shocked and froze SEVEN pounds, and I still have a bunch more. (I’ll admit though, seven pounds sounds like a ton, but it really isn’t.)


7. Andrew and friends worked on the garage yesterday. They hoisted some giant boards up into the loft for the new floor and got the new frame in for the new door. It’s coming right along!


8. I had my first ‘pumpkin’ drink of the season Friday, despite wanting to hold off until cooler weather. Something about Dunkin’s Pumpkin White Chocolate flavor in my I Ed coffee just got me…


9. I went sailing on Wednesday! SO MUCH FUN. (Are you seeing a pattern here? This girl really likes the water!) I wasn’t much help on deck, but I’d really like to learn. I think sailing lessons for Andrew and me are in order…


10. I’ve definitely become a nail polish addict. Just painted my fingers Essie’s ‘the girls are out’ (I think), and I love it paired with that bright green on my toes. It’s still summer until it gets cold!


2 thoughts on “a list

  1. Sailing is so fun. I took sailing lessons to help teach Girl Scouts. But I learned
    sailboats have no breaks and banged into the dock. I never did teach anyone
    which was for the best
    Love you both

  2. I am always eager to read your lists which are always far more interesting than mine…..:( I must work on this . I will add that to my list!

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