Italy on the brain

*Edited to update as of a few minutes ago: Tickets are purchased–Italy 2013 or bust!!

Andrew has decided we’re going to Italy this summer. (We haven’t done a real vacation–just the two of us–since our fall 2010 trip to Montreal and Quebec City, so I guess he’s entitled to something big. And BIG it will be.)


Between the Rick Steves’ Italy 2013 travel book and the complete Rick Steves DVD set (a Christmas gift from Carolyn), I feel like I’m married to two men at once! (Not really, but lately I can’t have one without the other close by…) The excel spreadsheet you see above is our itinerary. The first draft.

It’s alright with me; this girl isn’t complaining. “Why yes, honey, I’d love to go to Italy with you for 17 days just hours after my last final presentation.” (Because according to the syllabus I got today, that’s pretty much what’s gonna happen.)

For real though–I’m a lucky girl.

P.S. He’s already scheduled multi-hour dinners and dessert. EVERY DAY. I am in love with this man.

3 thoughts on “Italy on the brain

  1. You are going to one of my favorite places on earth! I am soooooo happy for you. God is blessing you abundantly ! Shine for Him in Italy…..

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