and the pantry was no more

So, Andrew has continued with the kitchen lighting project this weekend, but to do that, had to take the ceiling out of our pantry to run the wiring.  And that, of course, calls for a complete pantry re-do.  Obviously.



The bright blob in the upper left is the light.  We’re going to be doing recessed lighting–that’s Andrew’s specialty–and attempting to get a little more space by taking the room down to the studs (hmm…sounds like the laundry room, huh?) and reconfiguring the shelving.  He’ll also be bringing the existing kitchen tile into the pantry, like it should have already.

I’ll admit, there really wasn’t anything wrong with the pantry; in fact, I’m lucky to even have one in an older home.  But, in true Andrew fashion, shortly after moving in he was peering into the space with that ‘how can I improve this’ look on his face.

So, I schlepped all the stuff out of the pantry and dumped it in our dining room before heading off to study for the GIANT TEST I HAVE TOMORROW.  (Why am I blogging?  I should be studying.  I will right after I finished this.  I promise.  Seriously.)



We’ve both been google-ing “small pantry organization” and looking at tons of pictures for ideas.  Here are some we’re toying with:

-a deep cabinet on the bottom, on top of which I can put the mixer (trying to gain more kitchen counter space) and inside of which I can store the breadmaker, miscellaneous food and tools

-less-deep shelves above, measured to fit my Modular Mates

-perhaps some narrow shelves to make use of some deep but not very wide space from floor to ceiling on the left (there were existing shelves there, but pretty shoddy)

-frosted-glass french doors to get into the pantry, and change it and the molding to white (currently black)

Key goals:

-create more ‘free’ space, so it doesn’t feel so cramped and claustrophobic

-maintain as much storage as possible

-better lighting

-some enclosed storage (like a cabinet) in which to keep certain items dust-free

Of course, I’m already thinking of paint colors (I am SO ahead of myself) and wish I could throw myself into this project.  Alas, school just keeps getting in the way 😦

And, my husband was kind enough to bring up and assemble one of the chrome shelves we’d had sitting in the basement.  Organization has now returned to my life.


2 thoughts on “and the pantry was no more

  1. I just love that guy! Is he beginning to get a better handle on that OCDQYQYKIXZJPTRMS Syndrome? LOL

    Aunt Mary

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