We have visitors this weekend!

My girlfriend, Wendy, and her two kiddos came from Hershey, Pa., to visit for the weekend.  Wendy and I were friends in college and she was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding.

As usual, we had Pasquale’s pizza and wings for dinner.

I think Natalie liked the orange she was eating more than the pizza, but Wendy loved both the pizza and wings, and baby Austin was happy to be held.

We built a fort for them–Austin is the happiest baby EVER.

Natalie is enamored of the “kitty cat” and would love nothing more than to cuddle and play with Odie every moment.

Wendy also came bearing a gift – another t-shirt quilt!  Awhile ago, I sent Wendy a bunch of old t-shirts to make into a quilt for me (she’s domestic like that), and it is finished 🙂  I figured I’d much rather pay her to do it than some random stranger online.  I’m sewing-challenged; my aunt helped me make my first t-shirt quilt.


Andrew’s still bed- and couch-bound, but I think he’s up for doing brunch/lunch today at Charlie’s, and then Wendy and the kids and I are going to spend some time on Main Street after their naps.  I think Andrew might meet us at Firefly for a cupcake break later on, too…

Right now, we’re cleaning up from breakfast and us non-gimps are headed to the farmers’ market!

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