EA Pub Crawl

Last night, Andrew and I participated in the second annual ‘East Aurora Pub Crawl.’  We even had t-shirts!

Isn’t this drink adorable??  It’s only 5 oz!  That was my last drink of the night–a teeny, tiny glass of Southern Tier’s Pumking, which is a seasonal (obviously) specialty beer that’s very popular.  This was also my first time in Aurora Brew Works, the newest ‘establishment,’ but I wouldn’t call it a bar.  It’s more of an uber-specialty beer retailer with a few choices on tap for tasting and some tables.  I think they might be trying to incorporate some food items, but for now they just have a ‘snack bar’ where you can buy candy bars and things.

Our night started at the other end of Main Street at the East End Taproom, where I tried Saranac’s Pumpkin Ale.  Because I’m counting my calories again (and because alcohol is expensive, and we’re cheap–sometimes–and because no one really needs THAT much alcohol in so little time), my plan was to only have ‘special’ drinks at a couple of the places we went, and to alternate every-other with water.

My plan worked!  After my workout this morning (it was a little rough getting up this morning after being out so late, but I’m glad I did), I was an ADDITIONAL two pounds down!  (I mean, heck, I would have been happy to break even…)  I get that it was mostly water lost during my workout, but how was I not up after a pub crawl?!  So, basically, I somehow netted a loss despite a little partying, which is probably just a testament to the discipline I’ve had this past week.

ANYWAY…the highlight of my night was actually at REDfish, where I ran into Firefly owner Wendy, who I haven’t seen in forever, and ME!  As in, the painting of me Alix did and subsequently sold within days.  She and I have been working on getting a print made for Andrew and myself, and it looks like it’s going to happen.  So excited!

It didn’t occur to me at the time to have Andrew snap a shot of me next to ME in the painting, but for now all I have is this:

It’s Alix’s business card and it’s just a portion of the painting.

So, getting back to last night, Andrew and I had a great time out with friends, chatting with friends we haven’t seen in awhile (Sharon, Alix and Wendy!), and getting to savor some of the last decent weather before it gets yucky.  The icing on the cake was my responsible partying–oh, and the fact that Wendy told me her chocolate explosion cupcake has only 300-some calories.  I mean, it’s still a dessert, but I’d been thinking it was AT LEAST 500 calories, if not more.  You better believe I feel better going in more often!  I can’t wait!

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