there he goes again

…and, we’re back in house-project mode!

Immediately upon finishing the laundry room, (and without so much as a lie-down on the couch!), Andrew was already marking on the ceiling of our tv-room where he’d like the recessed lighting.  And just as I got all the dust cleaned up!  I don’t know whether to be excited that he’s so gung-ho to continue with projects, or frustrated at the lack of completion (or initiation!) of others…  If you’re reading this, honey, just keep on truckin’; I know it will all get done 🙂

And points for him; he helped me (read: he worked, I pointed and watched) hang some things upstairs–FINALLY–that had been bugging me for awhile.  He leaves to go out of town tomorrow, so there is MUCH to do today!

(p.s. I know I owe pictures of, like, EVERY room in the house, but I really wanted to wait until a room was 100% done until I did a post…still waiting on a new light and for dining room, new light for kitchen, doorknob for laundry room and the hanging of some pictures in the guest room.  And, I need to time to clean and photograph them when I have good light…  This could take awhile.)

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