adjusting expectations

So… I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that there are just some things that aren’t a part of my life right now, now that I’m back in school and especially because of the on-going chaos in our house right now.

(I realize some of you don’t understand what the chaos is all about… I mean, we’ve moved in, right? Yes, and no. Ninety percent of our stuff is where it should be, but the rest is scattered all over floors and leaning up against walls. Couches are not in their final destinations. NOTHING has been hung or decorated. Piles of candles, albums and other miscellaneous items are all over the floors and half of our downstairs area is essentially empty. The office looks just like it did a day after we moved in…two months ago. Add to that all the accumulated animal hair and house project dust and you’ve got constant craziness.)

So, getting back to the things that AREN’T a part of my life right now:

-clean floors

-decent nails (I say ‘decent’ because mine are bordering on absolutely unacceptable, so ‘nice’ would be a unrealistic–in fact, the polish on my toes might actually GROW OFF before I get a chance to repaint…)

-French-press coffee (who was I kidding to think I could make that on school mornings?)


-homemade granola bars

-homemade bread (as in, not using the breadmaker)

-homemade anything, really (although I have sneaked in yogurt and some muffins)

-free time (HA!)

-sitting (you think I kid)

-dried beans (canned ones are so much more convenient)

-dog walks…poor guy 😦

-exercise 😦 😦

-Budgeting–My brain just can’t handle anymore thinking! Sorry Andrew…

And then there are some things that are much MORE a part of my life right now:

-packaged convenience foods, like granola bars from the grocery store

-two and (sometimes) even three cups of coffee per day




-tardiness (except to class–I leave an hour and a half early!)

So, as you can see, things are little rough for me right now.

4 thoughts on “adjusting expectations

  1. Sweetie, you forgot one thing in the things that are apart of you life right now:
    Friends who are praying all you concerns to the feet of Jesus!
    We love you Holly!! !!!!

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