oh hawaiian, how i’ve missed thee

Tonight, I had something I haven’t had in LONG time: pineapple on my pizza.


Per our usual lately, Andrew and I opted for a quick (i.e. take-out) dinner since we spent much of the day toiling away at our various projects (updates to come soon).

We’d just received a mailer for a new place that just opened up–Leo’s–in East Aurora and after Andrew mentioned they had hawaiian on the menu, I was sold.  Neither Pasquale’s, John and Mary’s nor Capelli’s (all our go-to pizza places) even have pineapple on the menu!  SAD.

The good news: I got ham and pineapple on my pizza, and their wings are pretty good.  I still have two slices of my personal-size pizza to eat tomorrow.

The bad news: It really wasn’t that good at all.  Really sub-par crust, if you ask Andrew.

So, we won’t be going back there any time soon, I don’t think.

However, there is hope: Our neighbors have gotten pineapple on their pizza before (is it weird that I know that?), and I don’t think they got it from Leo’s, since it’s so new and all.  Must ask them from where they order their pizza…

Again, LOTS of progress being made all over the place this weekend.  Will post photos as soon as I can 🙂

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